The Manufacturer MX Awards consist of ten categories and two overall winners. You can submit for as many categories as you like and entry is free.

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Achieving Customer Value

This award recognises businesses demonstrating how customer strategy has contributed to: increased growth or market share; optimised innovation; improved operational excellence; and enhanced customer delivery and engagement. Candidates should cover how customer satisfaction is measured and the robustness of the quality system that supports the business.

This category is now closed

International Trade

This award recognises how, through exporting activity, the company has been able to increase international sales; demonstrate a commitment to expanding international business; and demonstrate the value and contribution of exporting to the future of the business. The company’s exports as a proportion of total sales will be taken in to account.

This category is now closed

Leadership & Strategy

This award will recognise great breadth and depth of leadership and management skills, and successful implementation of a clear, well communicated business strategy. Candidates should demonstrate strategic thinking; innovative practices; improved commercial performance and competitiveness; and engagement with employees, customers, suppliers and the local community.

This category is now closed

People & Skills

This award will recognise a company culture that promotes learning, focusing on talent and performance, as well as encouraging openness among employees about their development needs. Also the award measures how the company is assessing and addressing both the current and future skill needs of the business.

This category is now closed

Operational Excellence

This award will go to the company that best demonstrates the use of effective lean methodologies and techniques that focus on improvements in: quality; cost; productivity; physical waste reduction and non value-adding activities; customer service; and safety. It will also reward evidence of an engaged workforce and development of a lasting culture of continuous improvement.

This category is now closed

Product Innovation & Design

Awarded to a company innovation within the business which has been developed and applied to create significant growth, improved commercial performance, increased market share and operational effectiveness. This award does not focus on one single innovation, but looks at how a culture of innovation has been created, generating new or improved products, services and processes that successfully meet the changing needs of the customer and business.

This category is now closed

Smart Factory

This award will go to the manufacturing company that, in the opinion of the judges, has made the best use of data and technology to maximise its competitive advantage within the manufacturing facility. From design and innovation to supply chain and operations this award looks at how data is gathered and used effectively to improve decision making, develop the design process and control machinery and equipment.

This category is now closed

Supply Chain Excellence

This category will look for an integrated supply chain strategy that embraces the whole business process, from raw materials or component procurement, through to customer delivery. Judges will also look for demonstration of innovative thinking and measures to improve business performance, and improvements in the efficiency of operations to achieve greater agility, profitability and customer responsiveness.

This category is now closed

Sustainable Manufacturing

This award will recognise how a sustainable approach has improved commercial performance, competitiveness, employee engagement, and customer and supplier perception. It will also reward innovative practices; future sustainability plans and awareness; and the greatest commitment to reducing its impact on the environment.

This category is now closed

Young Manufacturer of the Year

The award recognises an individual who has demonstrated a strong understanding of their manufacturing environment and processes; a hands-on passion for their work; a record of commitment to training and professional development; and an ambition to excel in industry. Candidates should be able to show resourcefulness and strong problem solving skills, with a strong commitment to quality and awareness of the customer and market needs for their company. For manufacturers aged 19-30

This category is now closed